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Buying traffic CPM from Direct Webmaster Publishers (use one code for all your sites)  

Brian Mike
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We are accepting Desktop / Mobile / Tablet Quality traffic -> TIER1, TIER2, TIER3

Zone to Monetize your traffic:

- Banner 300x250 DesktopMobile

- IM 300x250 DesktopIM 250x150 Mobile

- Leaderboard 728x90 Desktop / Banner 300x100 Mobile

- Banner 468x60 DesktopBanner 300x100 Mobile

- Skyscraper 160x600 Desktop

- Sticky banner 468x60 DesktopBanner 300x100 Mobile

Publishers with multiple sites you can now use one zone code for all your sites

My Story:
I'm a webmaster owner of a network of website that i already monetize the traffic with adult offers Ex: Cam, Dating, Games and Fan Page subscription etc...
I'm always in need of more Quality traffic and looking for Long term deals with Publishers (Not interested in Fly by night webmaster, No thanks )
I'm looking to build a long term business relationship with the RIGHT WEBMASTERS  . Minimum payout is set at $10 thru Paypal & Paxum

If your serious and not happy about how much you get for your traffic, Let me add you on my payroll weekly or bi-weekly

Interested ? Send me a Pm and i will get back to you

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